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AXIC provides thin film solutions enabling low cost, high value XRF and Plasma Systems for ICP, DRIE, PECVD and x-ray metrology.

AXIC has a proven track record of serving the needs of semiconductor, production, pilot line, university, and research facilities since 1980. Our systems are used worldwide for etch and deposition of thin films, plasma surface treatment, plasma cleaning, and x-ray fluorescence (XRF) measurement of metal films and metal film stacks. AXIC offers complete customer support and maintains an applications and demonstration lab for your specific process requirements.

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AXIC provides a wide variety of system platforms for your etch and deposition applications. Conventional parallel plate RIE, barrel electrodes, and ICP systems are offered. Anisotropic and isotropic etch profiles can be achieved for sloped-wall features, photoresist stripping, surface modification, and plasma cleaning applications.

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AXIC X-ray fluorescence (XRF) systems incorporate both energy dispersive (EDX) and wavelength (WDX) in a single system for high resolution measurement of metal film and film stacks thickness and composition. AXIC technology permits precise, reliable, and virtually maintenance free performance through elimination of vacuum.

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