About AXIC

AXIC, Inc. was founded in 1980 as a company to develop surface science equipment for the semiconductor, electronics, and general scientific community. The early stages of the company were involved with determining future equipment requirements for the semiconductor industry which could be filled by a small company with strategic knowledge of surface measurement requirements.

Initial developments focused on x-ray and electron beam analysis of surfaces for compositional and film thickness analysis. These developments lead to the introduction of a stand alone x-ray fluorescence unit which was easily operated by fab personnel for the measurement of film composition and thickness. AXIC, Inc. now produces 3 XRF systems for coatings analysis in both development and production applications for the semiconductor, magnetic, and superconductor industries.

In 1992, AXIC entered the market of producing laser based reflectometers for the measurement of film thickness, index of refraction, and film absorption properties of transparent/translucent films for the semiconductor, optical and magnetics industries.

Shortly after, AXIC commenced the manufacture of plasma tools for cleaning, photoresist stripping, reactive ion etch (RIE), and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). Today these offerings include the MultiMode HF8, PlasmaStar, and BenchMark 800-II. Units are ideally suited for research and development and small scale productions. The plasma tools can be configured in various ways to meet the end users’ specific requirements.

Our customers include Intel, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Fujitsu, Northern Telecom, Silicon Systems, Hewlett Packard, IBM, AT&T, David Sarnoff, Thompson CSF, Philips, Applied Materials, I.T.T., Raytheon, Advanced Micro Devices, Microchip, LSI, and many universities worldwide.